LOC Receives Award for Excellence in Bespoke Orthotic Treatments
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LOC Receives Award for Excellence in Bespoke Orthotic Treatments


London Orthotic Consultancy is delighted to have been announced as a winner in the GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2016.

The award, given for Excellence in Bespoke Orthotic Treatments, was announced by the organisers, Global Health and Pharma, on the 29th September 2016, and was given to LOC in recognition of our pioneering innovations in many areas of orthotic treatment.

These include advances in lower limb orthoses, which are being delivered in partnership with internationally renowned physiotherapist Elaine Owen OBE at our Gait Laboratory – as well as our cutting edge work with scoliosis and spinal injuries using lycra garments and world leading back pain diagnosis techniques.

The judges were impressed with what we are achieving for patients with pectus deformities through methods building on the work of the late Dr Haje, who was widely considered to be the leading authority on pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum. They also recognised our innovative work with Functional Electronic Stimulation.

Our lead orthotist, Sam Walmsley, said today: “Naturally we are delighted to have the work we do at the London Orthotic Consultancy recognised in this way. It is always gratifying to receive an accolade from our peers in the medical community. But, for the whole team at LOC, the real reward lies in every patient whose life is improved because of the quality of our bespoke orthotic treatments. When we see a patient relieved of pain, enjoying new found mobility, or coming out of their treatment feeling more confident about their appearance and physical capability, that’s what really matters.”

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