LOCs Bespoke Orthotics Help Ellen Overcome Marathon des Sables
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LOCs Bespoke Orthotics Help Ellen Overcome Marathon des Sables


Ellen came to LOC having suffered a stress fracture of her 2nd metatarsal in her right foot. She has high arched feet and given the intensity of her training and her recent injury she attended LOC to see what could be done to lessen her symptoms, allow her to continue training and to enable her to compete in and complete the challenge of running 6 marathons over 6 days in the Sahara desert.


This is her story….


“In February 2014 I started to experience soreness in the outside of my right foot. It wasn't bad and I was able to run but it didn't feel right. I was due to go on a Triathlon camp the next month and I decided to get my foot checked out by a sports physician so I could ensure that I could put my all into the camp. I suspected I had a mortons neuroma; an irritated nerve, something I have experienced in the past. To my horror an x-ray revealed a fracture of my 2nd metatarsal. I was perplexed, as was the physician, as I had no symptoms at the fracture site. At that point, 2 months in a boot commenced. At the same time I had been diagnosed with celiac disease and with this double whammy, alongside a master's degree  exam, I was really down. I decided that I needed to take action and pursue a dream; do the Marathon Des Sables.


From the day I made that decision my training started, although it started on a bike and water running, this really helped. I went from a boot, to starting to walk, initially for 30 minutes and finally starting to run. This started as a 1 minute run followed by a 4 minute walk for 30 minutes. I had a long way to go!!!


In order to live my dream I did everything I could and this involved seeing Alan at the London Orthotic Consultancy to get some orthotics to support my foot. I wanted to ensure my biomechanics were as good as possible to go through my endeavour of not just doing the Marathon des Sables but actually enable me to do the training to get there. The orthotics help support my foot. Not only that, they have endured daily use, training for the Marathon des Sables, the race itself and they are still going! I am amazed that they survived the MDS and they are still being used today .They have started to wear now but only from a compression point of view. This is after approximately 4000 miles of running alone!!!

I am sure that they have helped me to achieve my goal and they are continuing to support my training. My next goal is the Druids Ultra which is in November and I hope to get a new pair in readiness for this and to take my ultra-running training into 2016 and beyond. ”


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