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Harry - The Miracle Baby with Plagiocephaly


Harry was truly a “miracle baby” being born after years of fertility issues and advanced IVF. He had been breech throughout the pregnancy and was born term by planned c-section. 

At birth, mum and dad noticed that he had a flat head on one side and asymmetrical cheeks. At his 8 week check, because his head and face had got worse and he always turned his head to the left, he was referred to a paediatric consultant who he saw at 5 months old.

Harry was diagnosed with torticollis (stiff neck to one side) and plagiocephaly and Harry’s parents were advised to reposition. This did reduce the flatness and Harry started turning his head both ways; however his parents were still concerned about his face shape. His physiotherapist recommended that they consider a cranial remoulding band.

At just over 7 months, Harry was seen by Lucy at Hampshire Orthotics ltd in Southampton and his head measured a very severe 24mm left plagiocephaly with significant ear, forehead and cheek involvement. The family held a sponsored walk in November with the highlight of dad sporting a pink bikini (brrrr!) and raised not only enough for the LOCband treatment, a fantastic paint job of Captain America but also a whopping £1326 for the neonatal unit at St Richards hospital in Portsmouth which will go towards vital lifesaving equipment for babies.

Harry wore the LOCband 22-23 hours per day for 7 months and his final scan shows he got down to 9mm plagiocephaly with improved symmetry of his ears, cheeks and forehead.


Harry Plagiocephaly Scan

Mum, Vicky says “thanks to the lovely Lucy for everything you have done for our son. I'll never forget the kindness you showed our family and how much your professional knowledge has helped our boy.”

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