Gary's head was a funny shape
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Gary's head was a funny shape


“I noticed Gary's head when he was 6 weeks old, it looked a funny shape. During his 6-8 week check up with the health visitor I mentioned my concern about his head shape; she told me that once Gary started sitting up it would grow out.

As Gary got to 5 months it was even more noticeable. Again during Gary's check up with the GP I expressed my concern about his head shape but once again I was told it would grow out and there was no reason for concern.

I decided to search the internet and found LOC and read all the information about flat head syndrome. I took images of Gary's head and wrote a brief explanation of my concern and uploaded directly to the clinic in London. Within an hour I got a reply saying I should contact the clinic to get an appointment for their clinic in Jesmond near where I lived in Newcastle.

At the initial assessment a week later, measurements and a digital image were taken of Gary's head.  It was confirmed Gary had severe plagiocephaly.

After the treatment was explained to us by LOC’s clinician, Catherine, we agreed to go ahead with the LOC band. Gary had his scan that day and 2 weeks later had his band fitted.

Gary adapted to the LOCband really well, he sleeps all through the night and the helmet doesn't bother him at all. Gary uses his helmet to slide across the floor on his back to get himself about which we think is clever and funny.

Gary got his helmet fitted in February, he’s had it on 11 weeks now and the improvement is outstanding visually. The treatment was worth every penny but most of all for Gary dignity as he gets older.

I would like to say a big thank you to Catherine Williams and LOC.”



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