Worried about your baby’s head shape?
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Worried about your baby’s head shape?


Have you noticed anything unusual or are you concerned about the shape of your newborn baby’s head?

Is one side of the head flat, have you noticed any bulging, or does their head seem unusually wide or narrow?

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, then it’s possible your baby may be experiencing Plagiocephaly (also known as flat head syndrome), Brachycephaly  (a widening to the back of the head) or Scaphocephaly (characterised by a high-peaked appearance and bulging forehead).

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As specialists in the treatment of these conditions, our team at the London Orthotic Consultancy helps concerned parents every day – so we understand how important it is to get the right information as quickly as possible from an experienced clinician. That’s why, at LOC we offer fast, free diagnosis.

If you suspect Plagiocephaly or any of the related conditions such as Torticollis, then it’s important that you act fast.

After the age of 18 months your baby’s head becomes much less malleable, meaning that corrective treatment is no longer as effective.

That’s why we have developed a unique service, designed to give you a fast, free flat head diagnosis, so that you can decide on the best possible action to take for your baby.

Simply follow the instructions on our form to upload pictures of your baby’s head and one of our highly-experienced orthotists will contact you within 24 hours to give you a free, qualified and impartial opinion on your baby’s condition.

This confidential service is entirely online and there is absolutely no charge.

Get the initial guidance you need without having to travel to a clinic unnecessarily.

We may be able to put your mind at rest straight away, so that you can simply get on with enjoying your new baby. If, however, we suspect that there may be a problem, then we can offer you a free initial consultation where we measure and assess your baby’s head shape and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

We’re really proud of this service, as it has already given many parents the fast, free information they need to know exactly how they should proceed.

So, if you are at all concerned about any aspect of your baby’s head development  go online to complete our flat head diagnosis form and get a free, expert, clinical opinion within 24 hours.

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