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Elouise - Scan of the month


Elouise’s parents were acutely aware of the risk of flat head syndrome because their first child had developed severe plagiocephaly but was treated late with a headband after false reassurances from health professionals that it would “sort itself out” by 1 year old. He is now 2 years old and despite improvement from his headband treatment, the asymmetry is still quite noticeable.

Elouise’s parents were determined for the same not to happen again with their daughter but despite repositioning since birth, they noticed a flat spot at 1 month old. Even though they used a special pillow and Bumbo seat to keep her off that area as much as possible, the flatness progressed so they came for an assessment for a LOCband at Hampshire Orthotics Ltd in Southampton at age 4.8 months.

Lucy the orthotist says “at the first assessment the measures for plagiocephaly and brachycephaly were both low/ moderate at 7mm asymmetry and 91% cephalic ratio and there was no sign of neck tightness. Normally at this level I would have recommended a programme of repositioning, however since the parents had already been repositioning since birth and hadn’t seen an improvement, we decided to provide the LOCband treatment to give her the best chance of a normal head shape.”

2 weeks later Elouise was fitted with a girly pink LOCband and after 5 days was wearing it full time 23 hours. The improvement was rapid and in less than 2 months of use, the head measured a very normal 1mm asymmetry and 87% cephalic ratio. The anterior fontanelle (soft spot on top of a baby’s head) was still open, meaning that the head was still quite mouldable so Elouise continued to wear the LOCband at night to prevent a regression.

Mum and dad says “We would like to say how happy we are with Elouise's head shape in such a short amount of time, we couldn't have asked for better! It just goes to show that catching it early makes so much difference to the end result! We would like to thank everyone involved! “

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