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Hudsons Plagiocephaly caused by Torticollis


This little boy first visited me in July 2015 with his parents. Has had been diagnosed with torticollis when he was 2 months old and had begun to receive physiotherapy to treat this. The torticollis meant that when he slept he always slept on his back with his head turned to the left. Quickly this caused plagiocephaly even though good progress was being made with his neck tightness. Despite some improvements seen with repositioning overall his plagiocephaly was still very visible, particularly as he presented with some facial asymmetry.

He was 7 months of age when he was first assessed and his parents felt they had reached full potential with repositioning and due to his mobility, no longer had control of his sleeping position. He was diagnosed with a severe plagiocephaly and his parents decided to start LOCband treatment.

From day 1 he took to wearing his helmet and his parents organized some fantastic custom made stickers to decorate his band with. He has made amazing progress and 4 months later his asymmetry has gone from 13mm to 2mm and his plagiocephaly is barely noticeable.


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