Boston Marathon Runner Inspires Next Student Generation
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Boston Marathon Runner Inspires Next Student Generation


Orthotics is a discipline that’s breaking new boundaries all the time, so developing the next generation of specialists is crucial to ensure that more people can receive the help they need, when they need it, as new scientific advances emerge. At the end of 2015, Boston Marathon bomb survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis led the way by visiting first year Masters students in orthotics and prosthetics to share her story, giving them a first-hand understanding of the profound impact their chosen discipline can have on real lives.

"Dancing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel as though I should be doing anything else." Adrianne Haslet-Davis

A former competitive ballroom dancer and Fortune 500 corporate manager, Adrianne’s recovery from the atrocity has been well documented. After losing her leg below the knee, she has achieved a remarkable recovery with the help of orthotic and prosthetic advances – re-learning not only how to live day to day life, but also how to embrace a new future under the most challenging of circumstances.

Now an inspirational figure for many, Adrianne is known for her philanthropic and motivational dedication and her contributions to wider society. This particular visit, like many of her engagements, allowed Adrianne to engage students with her story, before taking a tour of the orthotics and prosthetics fitting lab where they learn their highly specialist skills. This is a shining example of how advances in orthotics and related disciplines can change lives – but most of all it’s a wonderful story of undefeatable human spirit in action. Long may Adrianne continue her good work!

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