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Because of his Torticollis Sonny slept to the right all the time


Sonny came to see me in Harley Street when he was 4 months old. His parents knew another baby who I had treated and feeling nervous about the whole situation, had reassurance from their friend and found the confidence to arrange an appointment.

Sonny’s parents noticed his head shape flattening at 10 weeks of age and at this stage sought treatment from a cranial osteopath. He was diagnosed with torticollis, which is tightness in his neck muscles restricting his movement. As a result he slept turned to the right at all times and despite improvement in his neck movement with osteopathic treatment and repositioning his head, his parents felt his head shape was getting worse, not better.

At the assessment Sonny was diagnosed with a moderate brachcephaly and severe plagiocepahly. His parents decided to go for the LOC band treatment because it seemed nothing else was working.

Sonny took to wearing the band immediately and his head shape started to improve very quickly. He did wake in the night prior to the treatment and continued to do so during but his parents persisted and towards  the end of his treatment his sleeping patterns started to improve! His head shape was corrected within 4 1/2 months and by the time his band was removed he was sleeping on his tummy.

Sonny was a very happy baby who smiled constantly and I was always surprised by how much his head had changed at each review appointment. It was a great result!

Sally Hews

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