Our October scan of the month from Gemma in our Cambridge clinic
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Our October scan of the month from Gemma in our Cambridge clinic


I assessed annabelle at 4.5 months old, I remember her well as some building work had caused a power cut across half of cambridge on the day she was assessed in clinic!

She had a tumour (non malignant) at 2 weeks of age, possibly due to damage during delivery. This caused torticolis which is a tightening of the muscle connecting the neck and the head, this meant annabelle struggled to look to the left so she favoured laying on the right side of her head. This caused a flattening to the right side of the head, mainly at the back of her head but also affecting the forehead and cheeks slightly. She was seeing a cranial osteopath regularly to create movement in the plates and her parents had been implementing tummy time and repositioning regularly. When I met annabelle her parents felt her head shape had got worse, and she slept for 12 hours per day, which meant she was on the right side for a prolonged period at night. Annabelle presented with a Cranial ratio of 96% and asymetry 12mm, therefore she had a severe brachycephaly head shape with a severe right plagiocephaly asymetry.

Annabelle was treated over the course of 9 weeks. She had good head growth and quickly improved. After 9 weeks of treatment annabelle had corrected to a cranial ratio of 89% and asymetry of 1mm, which was a great and also rapid result.

Well done annabelle!

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