Scan of the month from Gemma Cassidy
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Scan of the month from Gemma Cassidy


Time for another scan of the month courtesy of Gemma Cassidy, our fabulous orthotist in Cambridge....

Joel attended our Cambridge clinic at 7 months of age with his parents. At birth Joel’s mid wife commented on a slight coning to the right side of his head but his head shape was otherwise ok. Although Joel was laid on his back to sleep in conjunction with the back to sleep campaign he had a tendency to look towards the left. This resulted in a flattening that worsened within 8 weeks. His parents then proceed to use repositioning techniques and tummy time to reduce pressure on the flattened area. This improved Joel’s head shape slightly, however due to the severity of the flattening he was left with a significantly flattened area to the left side of his head.

Assessment of Joel’s head shape showed a severe plagiocephaly of 12mm. A scan was taken and a made to measure corrective helmet was manufactured and fitted 2 weeks later. Joel phased into his treatment very well. He had steady growth spurts and gained correction at each appointment. We were able to correct his cranial ration from 89% to 86% giving a more rounded central area and his asymmetry improved from 12mm to 2mm. This occurred within 12 weeks. His parents were very pleased as they were concerned about his age of when commencing, the youngest age we would start treatment is 3 months and although Joel was 7 months going into treatment he still got rapid results within a 12 week timeframe.

Well done to Joel and mum and dad for a great result all round!

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