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Express Insole Service

Why wait for your bespoke insoles?

At our headquarters clinic in Kingston-upon-Thames we offer a unique, while-you-wait service. We can complete the whole process – from initial assessment to manufacture and fitting – in just two hours. There is no need for a second appointment for the final fitting.

Because we are in control of the manufacturing process, the orthotist who assesses you will write the order, model the insoles and oversee the manufacturing process. They will then fit them to your shoes. We cut out the middle man because we do not rely on technology or manufacturers overseas, which can often take weeks to produce in other clinics. Because of our unique service we can ensure quick, efficient and consistent delivery of your bespoke insoles.

The beautiful town of Kingston is just a short walk from our clinic and offers a wealth of shops and restaurants. There are also nearby parks and the River Thames is easily accessible from the town.

We are open until 6.30pm om Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings to help people who want the express insole service and do not want to take too much time off work. The latest appointments for this service are at 4pm.

If time is of the essence, then we have the solution. When making your appointment please specify that you want our Express Service – 020 8974 9989.

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