Orthotics, Pectus, Plagiocephaly / Flat Head Syndrome & Scoliosis Clinics


The London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) is a private clinic that provides bespoke orthotic treatments for a wide range of adult and paediatric conditions. It was founded in 2004.

LOC is passionate about orthotics and their capabilities to improve lives. We search the world for the most innovative and evidenced based orthotic solutions. Conditions like pectus deformities and scoliosis can now be treated non-surgically very successfully.

We have satellite clinics in Central London (Harley Street), Bristol, Cambridge, Romford and Manchester. Our clinic in Kingston –upon –Thames remains our headquarters and provides clinical treatments for Positional Plagiocephaly/flat head syndrome, chest deformities, posture-related back pain, scoliosis, club foot, sports injuries and for a wide variety of neurological conditions that can be treated with bespoke orthotics.

In conjunction with Elaine Owen MBE, we run a clinic that specifically focuses on Optimal Segmental Kinematic Alignment approach to Rehabilitation (OSKAR) - an orthotic method of treating children with lower limb neuromuscular conditions like Cerebral Palsy. This clinic runs in our new Manchester Clinic at the Univeristy of Salford’s Gait Laboratory as well as at our headquarters in Kingston.

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