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Treatment for Adults with Club Foot

The Ponsetti treatment for club foot was only introduced into the UK in the late 1990’s so there are a lot of adults who will not have enjoyed the benefits of this treatment and have to cope with the typical symptoms associated with the condition which could include: 

Having to walk on their ankles or the sides of their feet  

  • Curled toes 
  • Fused ankles 
  • Callouses 
  • Chronic pain 

Many of these issues can be treated effectively with orthoses as we can manipulate the forces around joints and the internal structures of the foot and ankle. 

These treatments include: 

Dependent on what treatments you may have had in the past our clinicians will review your current symptoms and discuss what goals you want to achieve; this will help your clinician determine which is the right orthotic treatment for you.  


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