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How Proprioception Therapy Works

The key to an individual’s posture is what is known as proprioception. This is the sense that is used by the body to determine the position of the other related parts of the body. Muscles maintaining posture are involuntary and regulated by the stimulation of the sensory nerve cells called proprioceptors. The proprioceptors constantly send signals to the central nervous system to maintain balance and posture, through all types of daily activities. They are found in various parts of the body; such as the inner ear, palms of the hand or the soles of the feet.

During your consultation LOC’s clinician will have identified what kind of postural problem you have.

Proprioception Therapy will correct the problem by subtly changing the stimulation of the proprioception nerve cells in the soles of your feet.

The proprioception nerve cells are stimulated by specifically designed pads placed under the soles of the feet. The pads are designed to change the tension in the muscle on the soles of the feet, which, in turn, sends signals via the proprioception nerve cells to the cerebellum. The cerebellum then alters muscular tension throughout the body, thus causing a change in posture.

Wearing Proprioceptive insoles will have the following effects:

  •     alleviation of posture related pain;
  •     reduction in muscular tension;
  •     prevention of chronic postural damage;
  •     improvements in posture.


While wearing the insoles, you should experience an immediate improvement in your back pain and posture. Unlike conventional insoles, the proprioception insoles stimulate your body’s own musculature to improve its alignment and posture, therefore preventing weakness from occurring due to being reliant on support.

Benefits of proprioceptive insoles over conventional insoles:

  •     stimulate the body to correct itself;
  •     promote postural muscle chains to function correctly;
  •     more holistic treatment;
  •     thinner and easy to fit into footwear;
  •     easily transferable between footwear.
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