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Winter Sports Injury

The London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) has experience in treating a range of sports injuries including those frequently encountered over the winter period. Exercising in cold environments places extra demand on your ligaments, joints and muscles. While being an excellent form of exercise, skiing and snowboarding are extreme sports that carry associated high risk of injury by their nature. Most injuries can be prevented by warming up thoroughly, wearing appropriate protective gear, checking that your equipment works properly, staying alert and stopping when you are tired, or in pain. Injuries either occur from a traumatic incident or overuse of a specific body part.


Common causes of skiing / snowboarding injuries:


Traumatic winter sports injuries that we treat:

Treating winter sports injuries 

Many skiing and snowboarding injuries can be treated by an orthotist. Whether it’s caused by overuse, or a traumatic accident, LOC can help you recover from a winter sports injury using biomechanical assessments and our bespoke orthotics aid rehabilitation programme

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