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Bespoke Orthotics Aid Rehabilitation

Sports injuries can occur due to a traumatic incident or overuse of a specific body part. A sports injury requires rehabilitation to allow a person to get back to full health, and return to their choice of sport. Orthotics will provide an important part of this rehab process, particularly in lower limb injury.


Traumatic Injuries Treated:


Overuse Injuries Treated:


Biomechanical dysfunction and gait abnormality

In general, if there is a biomechanical dysfunction or gait abnormality present, such as excessive pronation (rolling in) of the feet, or weakness in a specific muscle group causing the foot to contact the ground in an abnormal way, this can cause excessive stresses or strains to the lower limb, making them more susceptible to injury. Foot Orthotics are prescribed to allow more normal movement and restore normal biomechanical function. They can also be used directly to offload pain and promote healing in certain lower limb injuries.

Our clinicians have vast experience with all levels of sports injuries, from joggers in the park to elite athletes. If you feel this treatment may be appropriate for you, a biomechanical assessment can determine whether you would benefit from sports orthotics. If appropriate, our clinicians will design a prescription for you and manufacture the orthotics to suit your individual requirements.

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