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Shin Splints - Foot Orthotics

Shin Splints is the general term to describe exercise-induced pain or tenderness along the inside of the lower limb but can also be felt centrally along the front of the shin. They are very common amounting to over 10% of injuries associated with running. The most common cause of shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS).

MTSS is a result of frequent or intense periods of exercise when a person’s body is not necessarily used to it. Long distance running and sports involving a lot of stopping and starting increase the risk of getting MTSS.

Although shin splints is primarily an overuse injury it is often related to an individual’s foot mechanics and the subsequent effect on muscles in the lower leg during stance phase.

A detailed biomechanical assessment is therefore key to the successful treatment of shin splints.  bespoke insoles are appropriate if there is a mechanical deficit, excessive pronation can cause medial shin pain while excessive supination can cause lateral shin pain.

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